My Mom

I love my Mom. She’s an incredible lady. She brought me up to care about the little things in life, and really pay attention to surrounding myself with quality people. I have great family and great friends because of her TLC growing up, and I really can’t think of anything I’d change about her, besides one thing….She can’t make up her mind when it comes to hiring people to do things on her house.

Some background on this. My Mom’s 67, has a couple of bad knees, a bad shoulder, and needs some help around the house. This is to be expected, and I’m always there (when in town) to help her out.

The thing that drives me crazy is when she needs a contractor or a specific service, and needs me to do the dirty work of picking someone out for her. Yesterday this happened.

She needed to get her carpet cleaned pretty badly. After doing some research, I landed on this website:, which had some good reviews, and they offered the simple service that my Mom needed.

Lets just say that she is more than pleased with the service. First, they came out within a few hours, as they had a cancellation in the late afternoon, and cleaned 5 rooms plus some stairs in her house in less than an hour and a half. Mom said the technician was incredibly helpful with explaining some important stuff regarding caring for her carpets in the future, and wanted to make sure that she got the service repeated at least once per year after he left. You can see the before and after pics below to see the quality of the job that was done by Brian (the tech).

Before Carpet Cleaning<This is the before pic                                          And this is after completed>After Carpet Cleaning


That’s some pretty serious carpet monkeys being sucked up right there! I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that her carpet would turn our like that, but it’s amazing what an expert can do with their handywork.

Now I just need to do the same in my home so I can feel good about the carpet again!

I discussed the care of your home in the first blog post here, and this is an example of a third world problem being easily fixed!