Intersecting my work day

I don’t have a bad job. Really, I don’t. I work from home as a sales consultant to a few different companies. Currently, I’m doing some sales for an event planning company based out of New York. They’re a pretty good crew, and have been coming back to me to do some work for them for the past 8 years or so. Recently, one of the¬†clients that I met at one of those events reached out asking if I would help connect them with some prospects. This happens often in my world because I’ve made it one of my habits to try and meet people wherever I go, and let them know what I’m doing. Thanks to social networks like LinkedIn, most of my contacts can see who I’m working with, and connect the dots from there.

This is just another example of the intersection that has taken place in my work life, which I’m very grateful for. When I travel, I often reach out to people I know who live in different places to ask them where to stay, what sites to see, and if they know anybody else in that city who could show me around. The response is normally pretty good, and I’ve been privy to some pretty special tours of certain cities.

view of Austin, Texas downtown skyline
Austin’s downtown skyline. I’ll be travelling here in less than a month. Haven’t been to Austin since 1996, but I have fond memories!

I’m about to travel out to Austin, TX for a conference, and I was connected to another sales consultant who works with people and companies on their leadership development practices. Might be a snoozer of a topic for some people, but when I heard her speak recently (on a Youtube video) for the first time, I was empowered by her words of encouragement to several high ranking Fortune 1000 executives. I didn’t think that her topic would really make any sense to me, nor did I think that I would have much interest in it, but after hearing her seminar, I felt compelled to change up what I do on a daily basis because of some things that she shared. I’m excited to visit her in Austin, and see another one of her seminars in person.

When I was younger, I would never have given thought to business networking, as I was too caught up in travelling, and my life basically revolved around that. Now, I’m glad that my business world intersects with my travel world, as that makes me a very happy man!

On a separate note, my Mom just called, and said she needs help finding a good carpet cleaner where she lives in Arvada. Gotta go, but be back soon!