Travelling to Chandler, AZ

I have a good buddy who runs an upholstery repair business in Chandler, AZ (check out his website here: and he recently got done with a big project on a bunch of custom cars, so he asked me to come visit him, and take in some sights in the desert. I was super excited to join him because, well, I’m the travelling kind of guy, and back to the name of this blog, it’s been a while since I intersected down to Arizona for some sun.

Chandler AZ

When he called, I didn’t know if I was going to go because it’s currently so hot down there, but he said that we would take a side trip to Sedona to do some hiking, and the weather would be a little cooler east of Phoenix.

First off, if you haven’t been to Sedona, you have to go. We spent more time hiking around there than we spent in Chandler and around the Phoenix area. Sedona is rich in it’s Native American history, and we took a tour through some old tribal grounds that they estimate are over 1000 years old, and the ruins are absolutely breathtaking to see with your own eyes.

The hiking is also something to behold because of not only the terrain that you will cover, but the sights that you are seeing while you are walking. There are some cliffs that drop straight down, but that you can hike all the way to the edge of. If you are the outdoorsy type, you should have a look at touring the Grand Canyon while you are down in Arizona, because everything is so close.

We did just that, taking two days to hike around the south rim, and into the canyon where we were allowed to go. Some of the park was closed down because of dangerous terrain, but for the most part, the national park relatively open to tourists. Before you go, make sure that you bring the following things:

-Sunscreen. Very expensive at any local gift shop, and you’ll need it down there.

-Snacks. This hurt us the first day we were hiking around, and we couldn’t have been more unprepared to eat. We hiked for about 5 hours, then had to stop for a very poor bite to eat, which basically slowed our progress throughout the day.

-Towels. I don’t think I have every sweat in my entire life as much as I did while we were hiking around. On that note, also bring an extra change of clothes.

-Map or compass. There’s very little chance to get lost in the Grand Canyon, but in case you do, you want to make sure you know your way back to either your car or civilization. Same for Sedona, which you can get lost easily in.

It was great to see Jason, and we had 4 days of hiking and catching up in Sedona, Chandler, and the Grand Canyon. If you are travelling to Arizona in the summer, make sure that you either have air conditioning where you are going, or you are going to be wandering in the more mountainous regions where it’s not too hot!


My Mom

I love my Mom. She’s an incredible lady. She brought me up to care about the little things in life, and really pay attention to surrounding myself with quality people. I have great family and great friends because of her TLC growing up, and I really can’t think of anything I’d change about her, besides one thing….She can’t make up her mind when it comes to hiring people to do things on her house.

Some background on this. My Mom’s 67, has a couple of bad knees, a bad shoulder, and needs some help around the house. This is to be expected, and I’m always there (when in town) to help her out.

The thing that drives me crazy is when she needs a contractor or a specific service, and needs me to do the dirty work of picking someone out for her. Yesterday this happened.

She needed to get her carpet cleaned pretty badly. After doing some research, I landed on this website:, which had some good reviews, and they offered the simple service that my Mom needed.

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Travelling down south

With all the work that I’ve had to do lately, and all the help I’ve been giving my Mom, I haven’t had time to post about any travels or intersections in my life. That may not change for a while, but today I have a bit of time, and I just got back from some nice travel in the south.

My mom and I picked up last Friday, and had a planned vacation through Alabama, to visit her cousin Cindy. Cindy lives just outside of Mobile, and has a house close to the Mobile River.

Cindy and my Mom have always kept in great touch over the phone, but they rarely ever see each other. Mom likes to stay in her comfort zone in Arvada, and doesn’t really like to venture out of the state too much. That’s just who she is. She’s a homebody, which is great and bad for me. Great because I get to eat the home cooked food that she eats, which is downright delicious, but bad because like I’ve said earlier, I have to help her with all of her house jobs because she just doesn’t do very well with that stuff. Ever since she divorced my Dad, who basically took care of everything house related, she’s needed a ton of help. In all reality, I don’t mind giving the extra help she needs, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.

Cindy’s house is about a quarter mile away from the river, and although she has talked about moving before (because of flooding concerns), she has stayed in Mobile for about 25 years, ever since her and her husband Rick moved there from Tuscaloosa. It’s a beautiful area, the people are incredibly welcoming, and the southern drawl that Alabamans speak with gets me every time.

Since this was my first time to visit Cindy, I didn’t really know what to expect, especially since my Mom and her had so much catching up to do, but her daughter, Erica, who lives in Montgomery, came down to visit while we were there. I hadn’t seen Erica in about 12 years, since a family reunion that she came to (we normally have them once every two years, but that was the last one she came to), so I actually had someone to hang out with while Mom and Cindy were sitting on the back porch sipping on moscow mules.

Here’s a pic of Erica by the Mobile River

We took a nice long walk yesterday down the mobile riverbank until we got all the way to Mobile Bay, which is quite a sight in some spots. Since I live in a landlocked state, and I don’t get to see the ocean very much, Erica took me on a little tour of the bay after we got back from walking so I could see some cool stuff. We stopped at a cool little restaurant, and had some fried frog legs (my first time doing that), and continued walking around until it was almost dark, and Mom and Cindy were expecting us home for dinner.

As the trip winded down, Mom and I had some good time that we spent together along with Cindy and Erica, but I’m very grateful of the time that I could spend travelling with Mom as it rarely happens. I see a ton of her at her house, and we go to restaurants around her neighborhood, but we rarely take time to do what we just did travelling south. When we got back, we both said that we needed to do that more often, so I guess we’ll see if it happens!


Intersecting the State

This weekend I set out to see a few friends all over the state of Colorado. When you don’t have to work on Friday, that makes things a bit easier to travel because of a long weekend. Fortunately, I could leave work a bit early on Thursday, and get the jump on traffic to make it to Denver for a BBQ. The best thing, to me, about July 4th weekend is the patriotism shown by just about everyone. I especially love the clothing that people wear, including the USA shirts that have all kinds of ridiculous sayings on them. I’m not much of a drinker myself, but at one of the BBQ’s I attended on Friday, I saw a guy with a tank-top on that had the slogan ‘Let’s get Star Spangle Hammered’ on it. Every time I looked at him, I couldn’t help but to laugh. If you don’t laugh at that, you’re either too serious, or you have no fun with life.

My Friday was filled with a couple BBQ’s, one at a friend’s house, and one at my Mom’s house. My Mom likes to celebrate the holidays, but she likes to make sure that she celebrates a couple days early, so that all of her friends can make it to her house. Most people schedule BBQ’s on July 4th, so she didn’t want to be just another ‘fly in the ointment’ so to speak. I was happy to join her and take the job of grill master for the evening, which she loves so she can entertain and not cook. I like being by the grill, so I can chat with people as well.

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Intersecting my work day

I don’t have a bad job. Really, I don’t. I work from home as a sales consultant to a few different companies. Currently, I’m doing some sales for an event planning company based out of New York. They’re a pretty good crew, and have been coming back to me to do some work for them for the past 8 years or so. Recently, one of the clients that I met at one of those events reached out asking if I would help connect them with some prospects. This happens often in my world because I’ve made it one of my habits to try and meet people wherever I go, and let them know what I’m doing. Thanks to social networks like LinkedIn, most of my contacts can see who I’m working with, and connect the dots from there.

This is just another example of the intersection that has taken place in my work life, which I’m very grateful for. When I travel, I often reach out to people I know who live in different places to ask them where to stay, what sites to see, and if they know anybody else in that city who could show me around. The response is normally pretty good, and I’ve been privy to some pretty special tours of certain cities.

view of Austin, Texas downtown skyline
Austin’s downtown skyline. I’ll be travelling here in less than a month. Haven’t been to Austin since 1996, but I have fond memories!

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Intersecting the Care of your Home

Welp, since this is the first time I’m posting on here, I’ll start out by saying hello. I’m Freddy, and I’m Rocky Mountain born and bred, in love with the great state of Colorado. My life has Intersected with so many other people, and I’m very grateful to have a great family and a great set of friends in tow with me to share experiences with. I’ve been around the globe, and one thing I’ve seen through my intersections is the great deal that people care for their homes. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the care that they show inside and outside their homes. No matter what country you live in, you have a certain way of cleaning, cooking, showing love for your family and friends inside your home.

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Welcome to my new Blog!

What’s going on everyone? Welcome to my new Blog, Intersect JP. I’ll be updating this as we go along, so please check back tomorrow for more.